Definitions for "X-Windows"
Keywords:  mit, gui, unix, consortium, workstation
A software system that performs standardized windowing operations on a large variety of UNIX computers. X-windows was developed by the Free Software Foundation at MIT.
Software system for creating GUI s on X-Terminal s. Developed originally at MIT (as part of the DEC/IBM/MIT Project Athena) but picked up by the wider Unix community. Note that X-Windows is not an actual GUI, it is a set of standards and tools from which GUIs can be specified and built. Has been an influence on the Motif GUI being developed by the OSF. IBM was involved in the evolution of X-Windows through the MIT X Consortium which provided a forum for discussion of the standard. See also X-Terminal, X Window System.
A standard protocol for computer display windows and graphics developed by MIT and available for most computers. DECWINDOW is the version for VAXes and microvaxes, MACX is the version for MACs.
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A protocol for carrying bit-mapped terminal sessions across a network.