Definitions for "Wraith"
Wraith is a Linux application allowing the duplication of a drive or partition to a backup media for later restoration. The image may be restored to other drives as a method of disk duplication. It is provided as a bootable image.
An apparition of a person in his exact likeness, seen before death, or a little after; hence, an apparition; a specter; a vision; an unreal image.
Sometimes, improperly, a spirit thought to preside over the waters; -- called also water wraith.
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In the science fiction television series Stargate Atlantis, the Wraith are the original antagonistic alien species, first introduced in the pilot episode . In the early seasons of the show they dominated the Pegasus Galaxy, the show's setting, and were an almost unstoppable and fatal threat. In Season 1, it was the prime objective of the characters to find a way to save themselves from a siege by the Wraith, similar to how the characters of Stargate SG-1 (Atlantis' sister-show) were originally focused solely on protecting Earth from attack by the Goa'uld.
John Wraith is the name of another Marvel Comics character, see Kestrel (comics).
Wraith is a fictional character and Amalgam Comics superhero whose true debut was in JLX #1 (1996), though his (metafictional) Amalgam Universe debut is still unknown. He is a combination of DC Comics' Obsidian and Marvel Comics' Gambit.
a fast, maneuverable, heavily armed hover-tank
a large tank-like vehicle that is extremely slow yet powerful