Definitions for "Worst Supporting Actor"
Keywords:  o'donnell, reeve, actress, chris, john
Brooke Shields (with a moustache) in Sahara:Robby Benson in Harry and Son:Sammy Davis, Jr. in Cannonball Run II:George Kennedy in Bolero:Ron Liebman in Rhinestone Worst Supporting Actress Lynn-Holly Johnson in Where The Boys Are '84:Susan Anton in Cannonball Run II:Olivia D'Abo in Bolero and Conan the Destroyer:Marilu Henner in Cannonball Run II:Diane Lane in The Cotton Club and Streets of Fire
John Adames in Gloria (tie) Laurence Olivier in The Jazz Singer (tie):Marlon Brando in The Formula:Charles Grodin in Seems Like Old Times:David Selby in Raise the Titanic
Dennis Rodman, Double Team (Columbia Pictures):Willem Dafoe, Speed 2: Cruise Control:Chris O'Donnell, Batman and Robin:Arnold Schwarzenegger, Batman and Robin:Jon Voight, Most Wanted (New Line) and U-Turn (TriStar)