Definitions for "Workstation"
Another term for a personal computer, usually referring to a computer running an operating system other than Windows (e.g. Linux, Unix or Mac OS).
A networked personal computing device with more power than a standard IBM PC or Macintosh. Typically, a workstation has an operating system such as unix that is capable of running several tasks at the same time. It has several megabytes of memory and a large, high-resolution display. Examples are Sun workstations and Digital DECstations.
originally referred to a high-powered PC, usually scientific or engineering-oriented; now coming to mean any individual full-capability PC.
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Used in NCAR Graphics Version 4 terminology to mean a valid output device such as an X Window System display, a PostScript file, or an NCGM.
Used to mean a valid output device such as an X11 Window, a PostScript file, a PDF file, or an NCGM.
an area where an employee does a series of repetitive tasks such as transplanting, potting or preparing plants for shipping
A synthesizer or sampler in which several of the tasks usually associated with electronic music production, such as sequencing, effects processing, rhythm programming, and data storage on disk, can all be performed by components found within a single physical device.
The assigned location where a worker performs the job; it could be a machine or a workbench.
a comprehensive testing package that includes hardware and software, in-depth training and product support
a "top of the line" system geared toward certain fields, such as architecture and technical drawing
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It has been said that a bus stops at a bus station and a train stops at a train ...
A space where work is accomplished (inner office, open office area).
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Name given to a client PC on a LAN.
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a more appropriate term now
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An open or enclosed work surface, usually with direct air supply.
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Any PC that sells for more than $ 10,000.
A device that controls a variety of functions, designed to be operated by one person.
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a PC, a server is not a PC
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A PC set up for use by one person at any point in time - normally linked to a network