Definitions for "Workers' Party"
The Partido dos Trabalhadores (Portuguese for Workers' Party) is a left-wing political party in Brazil. It was officially founded by a group of intellectuals and workers in February, 10, 1980 at Colégio Sion (Sion High School) in São Paulo. Brazil's current president, Mr.
The Workers' Party (French: Parti des Travailleurs, PT) is a French Trotskyist party. It was formed by the Trotskyist Internationalist Communist Party (PCI) led by Pierre Boussel, better known under his pseudonym Pierre Lambert (many Trotskyists adopt pseudonyms, and the internal workings of the PT have traditionally been concealed from outsiders).
The Workers' Party (French: Parti des Travailleurs, Arabic Hizb al-Ummal حزب العمال) is a Trotskyist political party in Algeria, closely linked with the Workers' Party of France. The party is led by Louisa Hanoune.