Definitions for "work of art"
art that is a product of one of the fine arts (especially a painting or sculpture of artistic merit)
a controlled creation as opposed to an accident
a controlled creation with a capacity to communicate spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, or sensuously, and its merit is determined by the duration, span, and depth of that communication
a building block of the creator's specific world, the presentation of a selfhood
a continuous wave, pleasurable, moving smoothly
an abstract or epitome of the world
a gift, not a commodity
a unique gift for any occasion
a unique wedding gift so why not visit the gallery, enjoy a lunch of Vegetarian whole food, or afternoon tea and homemade cakes, and browse the gallery and shop to find the perfect present
an exaggeration
an exponent of that same range of ideas in visual form
an idea that someone exaggerates
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a timeless treasure and an eternal source of joy
a machine with an aesthetic purpose
a machine with an esthetic purpose
a communique sent from one human consciousness to another
a deposit left by the conflicts and contradictions a writer has in his own nature
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a mist carved into an image
a possibility of a certain complex of values, not a given actuality that can be grasped by merely stretching out the hand
an expression of the one who creates it
an expressive form created for our perception through sense or imagination, and it expresses human feeling
a frozen moment in a story, What has happened in the few minutes before the picture to bring these objects together in the arrangements that they are in
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an echo chamber which repeats what people say about it
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an act of love
an act of power
a full-service advertising agency and design studio
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a result of the creative process
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a compilation
an attempt to experience the universe as a whole
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a question to which the right answer has to be found
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a logical system