Definitions for "Work experience"
Knowledge gained from having been in contact with the labour market through working.
Skills and knowledge gained from having been employed or during occupation-related assignments.
Work Experience is another of the listed work activities under TANF. (Section 407(d)(4)) As used in TANF, work experience has generally been understood to mean an activity in which the participant does some type of work that provides experience designed to improve employability. Work might be performed for any public or private agency or company. The term is generally understood to mean a program in which a participant would continue to receive a regular welfare grant. However, as the term is not defined in the statute, nor by regulation, there is nothing to bar a structure in which a participant is paid wages for hours worked.
A program having as its purpose the supervised part-time or full-time employment of students by assisting them in acquiring desirable job skills, attitudes, and habits.
a program developed through an arrangement between BFA and employers from private industry, local state, and federal government agencies
Refer to WEX for definition. See: WorkFirst Implementation Handbook