Definitions for "Woody"
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Overly strong smell of the wood of the cask or barrel. Might mean the wine was kept too long in the cask or that the wood was contaminated.
a term describing an unpleasant hay taste in black tea; often due to long storage. page up page up
A long maturing in oak casks will give a vanilla nose and toastiness to the wine, it will also improve its flavours by softening the tannins (for the reds).
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Having hard, tough tissues that persist from year to year and are capable of producing shoot or flower buds. Woody plants also have the capacity to increase in diameter from year to year.
Hard in texture.
Woody plants have hard stems and buds that survive above ground in winter. For instance, trees (which are further broken down into the deciduous and evergreen categories) are woody plants. The opposite of woody is herbaceous.
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Consisting of, or containing, wood or woody fiber; ligneous; as, the woody parts of plants.
a. (ME. woddy, wody, fr. wode, wood + -y) of or containing wood or wood fibers; consisting mainly of hard lignified tissues.
Consisting of wood plants such as trees or bushes.
Woody is a tree editor, also known as an outliner. It is similar to a text editor, but allows you to organize your information in a hierarchy. It also works as a todo list, and works well as a project management aid.
Woody is a tree editor, or an outliner. It is similar in scope to the PalmOS application, BrainForest. It works well as an organized TODO list, and a project status tracker. Currently it is functional enough to be its own management and documentation tool.
Abounding with wood or woods; as, woody land.
abounding in trees; "an arboreous landscape"; "violets in woodsy shady spots"; "a woody area near the highway"
A vehicle having wood panel or simulated wood panel bodywork.
a car, van, etc
a car, van or other vehicle that has the wood panel sides
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Wraparound Yankee CD
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Woody is a fictional character appearing in several films and cartoons by Disney and Pixar. His voice is provided by Tom Hanks.
Undesirable odor and flavor from too long contact with wood.
tea taster's term indicating an undesirable grass or hay flavor in black tea
Flavor peculiar to either dead (indicating old crop, coffee stored too long) or green wood flavor found in certain coffees, like fresh saw-dust; neither very pleasant.
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A dart that lands in the wood
Thrown dart which lands outside the scoring area
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(slang) See erection
Sexual slang for a market moving strongly upward, as in, ``This market has a woody.''
Slang to describe a market moving strongly upward, as in, "This market has a woody."
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Of or pertaining to woods; sylvan.
refers to a vehicle which has part of the side body sheet metal covered or replaced with decorative wood. Photo
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an erection