Definitions for "Womb"
Keywords:  uterus, pear, muscular, baby, grows
The uterus. See Uterus.
a hollow muscular organ in the pelvic cavity of females; contains the developing fetus
Uterus – see above.
a fitting model of the universe, and so we are slowly unfolding zygotes, God's extra-large litter, and our spines are like umbilical cords
Keywords:  inclose, breed, secret, hold
To inclose in a womb, or as in a womb; to breed or hold in secret.
Keywords:  belly, abdomen
The belly; the abdomen.
Keywords:  calf, place
a place where the calf is kept
The place where anything is generated or produced.
Any cavity containing and enveloping anything.
a complex thing designed to house a fetus and give it protection as well as nourishment