Definitions for "Wolverine"
A carnivorous mammal (Gulo gulo formerly Gulo luscus), of the weasel family Mustelidæ, about the size of a large badger; called also glutton and carcajou. It is a native of the northern parts of America, Europe, and Asia.
This crystal offers focus of what ever energies you send through it, and within the attributes of the other totems involved. It is a healing wand in intention and is here to serve the planetary people. (Long thin crystal that makes a ting noise like the badger, but is normal configuration and may have other totem attributes. Known as a healing wand.)
stocky shaggy-coated North American carnivorous mammal
Wolverine, born James Howlett but more commonly known as Logan, is a fictional Marvel Comics superhero and a member of several teams, including the X-Men and the New Avengers. Created by writer Len Wein and artist John Romita, Sr. with some input by Incredible Hulk illustrator Herb Trimpe, Wolverine first appeared in Incredible Hulk #180-181(October 1974).
Wolverine was the title of an LJN video game released for the NES. The side-scrolling action game had the player controlling the popular Marvel Comics super hero through various stages in an effort to defeat the villains, such as Sabretooth and Magneto, that had kidnapped Wolverine and trapped him on a deserted island.
Wolverine is a film in pre-production based on the fictional Marvel Comics superhero Wolverine. The film is a spin-off project based on Wolverine from the X-Men movies. Hugh Jackman reprises his role of Wolverine for the film.
A nickname for an inhabitant of Michigan.
a resident of Michigan
Wolverine is a passenger train service operated by Amtrak as part of its Michigan Services. The 304-mile (489 km) line provides three daily round-trips along the Pontiac-Detroit-Chicago route. It is served by three eastbound (350, 352, 354) and three westbound (351, 353, 355) trains.
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a multilingual BlueWave/QWK compatible off-line mail reader
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wolverine of northern Eurasia
Wolverine is a Swedish progressive metal band that formed in 1995 and has released four albums to date.