Definitions for "WMA"
A type of digital sound file created by Microsoft for their Windows operating system. It offers better sound quality than the equivalent size of MP3 file. .OBox { DISPLAY: none } X-Net(work) xD Picture Card
This is a compression format developed by Microsoft* Corporation to be played in Windows Media Player. It achieves an even better sound quality than MP3s, with a smaller file size. *Microsoft and its logo as well as Windows and Windows NT, Windows Media are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation of the U.S in both the United States and other countries.
Windows Media Audio, a digital audio file format created by Microsoft. WMA files take up less space than MP3 files. ::  Close
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The Wireless Messaging API (WMA) is a set of classes for sending and receiving Short Message Service messages. See also SMS.
Wireless Messaging API An optional package that defines APIs for sending and receiving wireless messages, typically SMS (Short Message Service) messages. Can be included on any device that supports the Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC).
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Stands for indows edia udio.
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Web M& dica Acreditada
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William Morris Agency
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Weapon Mount Arm@•‘••ÛŽ˜rBHIGH-MACS‚â‚l‚P‚U“(tm)‚Ì‘•”õ‚·‚镺‘•ƒ}ƒEƒ“ƒg‹@\B
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Watershed Management Areas
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Weighted moving average. A moving average that uses a selected time span, but gives greater weight to more recent price data.
Weighted Moving Average. A moving average that puts more weight on recent prices. A three-day weighted moving average would add a multiple of 1 to the first date, 2 to the second date and 3 to the third date.