Definitions for "Wisp"
Keywords:  wap, wireless, mere, subscribers, isp
WAP Internet Service Provider. A WISP is a service provider that specialises in offering users wireless access to the Internet. Many WISPs offer hotspot access.
a small person; "a mere wisp of a girl"
a service provider that specializes in offering
Keywords:  straw, bundle, whisk, broom, hay
A small bundle, as of straw or other like substance.
A whisk, or small broom.
a small tuft or lock; "wisps of hair"
Keywords:  fatuus, ignis
A Will-o'-the-wisp; an ignis fatuus.
Keywords:  rumple
To rumple.
Wisp is the alias of electronic music artist Reid Dunn who hails from Niagara Falls, New York. Wisp began making music on his computer in 1999 and originally released his music for free as mp3s on Netlabels before being signed to Sublight Records.
Keywords:  snipe, flock
a flock of snipe
Keywords:  terrible, flax, tow, william, ignited
a handful of tow, broken flax waste, ignited to make a light, carried by the terrible William
An inclusion or clarity feature due to twinning, an irregularity in the crystal growth.
Keywords:  brush, dress
To brush or dress, an with a wisp.