Definitions for "Wireless local loop"
Keywords:  wll, ritl, fra, wireline, telephony
(WLL) wireless service systems that compete with or substitute for local wireline phone service.
In conventional wired systems, the local loop refers to the connection that runs from the subscriber’s telephone set, PBX or telephone system to the telephone company’s central office (CO). As the name implies, a WLL connects potential users to the CO by substituting a wireless base station for the local-loop connection. WLL service is the most advantageous alternative for parts of the world that can leapfrog expensive and time-consuming wire installations in establishing modern telecommunications systems.
the provision of telephony services to residences and businesses by use of a fixed wireless network (rather than a mobile wireless network). Networks based on wireless local loop (WLL) can be installed more quickly and less expensively than those using copper lines.