Definitions for "Winner"
store brand sneaker marketed by Sears, Roebuck, and Company starting with the Baby Boomers. Sears advertised that they were "Built by CONVERSE" and they didn't get the reputation of being yet another " Cheaper Jeepers" clone. Much to the delight of their marketers, it also let them raise the price substantially
a loser that keeps on trying
a loser that was willing to fail and get up, fail and get up, fail and get up, fail and get up and win
One who wins, or gains by success in competition, contest, or gaming.
A roleplaying personality type. 'What's in it for me?' A player who sacrifices consistency of characterisation or genre to supposedly attain a winning advantage. A winner is often a Lumberjack, but not a very successful one.
the contestant who wins the contest
a competent (if young) guitarist who can hold his or her own amongst the best the world can offer
a person who won't settle for second best if they know they are capable of doing it better
Winner is Renee's 6th solo album and her 2nd to be recorded in the U.S.A. Motown's Frank Wilson again manned the console howevever this time The Renee Geyer Band provided the rhythm section. They were once again ably supported by some of the very best U.S. session players.
Winner is a Tamil movie. Hero of this movie is Prashanth and heroine is Kiran. This films describes the deep love between a couple (Prashanth and Kiran).This movie is famous for Vadivelu's histrionic skills.
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A shot that ends the rally, usually a kill shot or passing shot.
(rally) a forcing shot that can not be reached by the opponent and wins the point; (service) a forcing serve that is reached by the opponent, but is not returned properly, and wins the point
(tennis) "colpo vincente; risposta o rinvio vincente"
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a grinner - Football - Sport - smh
a new concept in the industry
a sales promotion channel for the retail and leisure industry with data collection capacity
a Sales Promotion Channel For The Retail And L
a streaming video player world health organization pockets the virtually all coins
a team by having the virtually all diarrhea fallowing nine frame
a team by owning a virtually all points while the instance expires
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a cross between fun tunes and lullabies
The first runner that crosses the finishing line with the tip of its nose.
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a gambler who wins a bet
a coaching, consulting and neutral services firm with a record of improving the environment of official meetings, public hearings, and siting processes
an individual who is able to adopt and overcome obstacles in the environment
high card; card that can or will take a trick.
Winner: Those of both players who wins the game (Chess Terminology).
The card game Winner is a card game similar to the game President, the game Big Two, and other shedding games.
a person who realizes nothing comes easy and if it does, it's not worth having
a person who submits an entry per the rules as listed herein
a very disciplined person
a true endorsement of a company's achievements and services by travel professionals who are critical in their judgment
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a good listener, - A man's name is golden, - Learning your company
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a Solid Gold Lock
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a person who tries, who can accept failure, and tries to improve upon his or her self
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a program I believe most people will make money with
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an investor that received back more than he/she invested