Definitions for "Windows 95"
(1) A 32-bit operating system using the Win32 API that runs 32-bit applications. Windows 95 is a multitasking, multithreaded operating system that can control multiple programs at once. VisualAge C++, Version 4.0 does not support Windows 95.
A 32 bit operating system and desktop interface developed by Microsoft. A major upgrade of Windows 3.1 designed to replace Windows 3.11, Windows for Workgroups 3.11 and MS-DOS. Released in August 1995, it is a 32-bit operating system that requires a 386 or higher. It is a self-contained operating system that includes a built-in and enhanced version of DOS.
The most recent version of Windows, Windows 95 is its own operating system. The operating system can do multitasking using threads, as well as offering an improved interface over 3.1
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