Definitions for "Windows 2000"
Windows 2000 is the name given to the next version of Microsoft's line of operating systems, formerly know as Windows NT 5.0. In the future, the core code of NT will serve as the basis for all of Microsoft's PC operating systems--from consumer PCs to the highest performance servers. In fact, the next major release for consumers to follow Windows 98 will be based on the Windows NT code base. This name will encompass all future business and consumer releases of Windows. To the top
32 bit operating system and desktop interface developed by Microsoft with 4 versions, Professional, Server, Advanced Server, and Datacenter Server.
An operating system from Microsoft Corporation for use with IBM compatbile personal computers.
The upgrade to Windows NT.
A version of Windows intended for business users, the successor to Windows NT. Now theoretically superseded by Windows XP, but many businesses are still using it.
An upgraded version of Windows NT, targeted at network and large business users.
Windows 2000 is the intended replacement for Windows NT but has so far received only lukewarm support. Being based on Windows NT, it inherits some of its driver support problems. Originally it was also supposed to replace Windows '98, but Windows ME has since been made to do that instead, and the merger between Windows NT and Windows '98 has been postponed until Windows XP.
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