Definitions for "Windmill"
Keywords:  mill, grind, tower, turbine, sails
A mill operated by the power of the wind, usually by the action of the wind upon oblique vanes or sails which radiate from a horizontal shaft.
A machine that converts wind into useful energy (usually regulated electricity or water pumping, pressing oil from seeds and irrigations). There are two types : horizontal-axis and vertical-axis towers. Typical machines starts operating at about 20 km/h with optimum performance at about 50 km/h.
a mill that is powered by the wind
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When your kitelines get tangled on the kite, or the bar, or some object (another kite) and begins spinning out of control while powered up. You don't want to personally experience this.
a dance move where the dancer spins in place with hair loose
A situation in which one player is repeatedly forced into a DISCOVERED CHECK which enables his opponent to win MATERIAL.
an alternation of checks and captures e.g. White Rg7, Bf6, Black Kh8 - the famous Torre-Lasker game is in the Tactics section of the Canon.
When a man swings his ball sac in either clockwise or counterclockwise motion, in order to gain speed and slap a woman in the face with it. - Chris H
a beautiful thing
a big cumbersome thing and I cannot think it possible that progressive men will settle down contented to go back to this primitive method of obtaining power
A propeller mounted on a pole that converts wind power into electricity.
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A basic poi move. see Windmill and Giant Windmill
a popular and striking landscape or townscape feature
A windmill assures that a business venture will be successful if you put the maximum effort and creativity into it.
a far more complex structure, though it works according to the same principle
a wind instrument that collects the force of wind and can turn it into electricity