Definitions for "Winch"
Keywords:  hoist, haul, drum, crank, windlass
A crank with a handle, for giving motion to a machine, a grindstone, etc.
An instrument with which to turn or strain something forcibly.
An axle or drum turned by a crank with a handle, or by power, for raising weights, as from the hold of a ship, from mines, etc.; a windlass.
To wince; to shrink; to kick with impatience or uneasiness.
A kick, as of a beast, from impatience or uneasiness.
Keywords:  wmw, wog
Keywords:  sorceress, squeals, occult, till, grind
1). A thing you grind till it squeals. 2). A female practicer of the occult. A sorceress.
Keywords:  max, bike, pushing, your
a must when pushing your bike to the max
Keywords:  precision, piece, design
a piece of precision design
Keywords:  falling, great, find, tree, assist
a great way to assist in falling a tree where you find the direction hard to control
Keywords:  dangerous, tool, powerful
a powerful tool and can be very dangerous
Keywords:  plus, required
a plus, but not required
Keywords:  kinds, examples, see
Various kinds, see [examples].
A wince.
a must-do for any