Definitions for "William and Mary"
joint monarchs of England; William III and Mary II
This style, an English derivative (1689-1702) of the Louis XIV (Louis Quatorze) style furniture, named for the 17th century English King and Queen. Innovations included the cabriole leg, high-backed, upholstered armchairs, highboys and lowboys. Cabinet furniture was finely veneered and design elements include curved lines, bun or ball feet, marquetry, inlay and oriental lacquerwork.
Style during William and Mary's reign from 1689-1702 in England. This period is marked by the age of Walnut and replaced the Jacobean style. Characteristics of William and Mary furniture are the cabriole leg, seaweed marquetry, the highboy and flat serpentine stretchers.
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An American style from 1680-1720.