Definitions for "Wilderness"
A tract of land, or a region, uncultivated and uninhabited by human beings, whether a forest or a wide, barren plain; a wild; a waste; a desert; a pathless waste of any kind.
An area of public land, designated by Congress, where man is only a visitor. Wilderness areas allow no motorized equipment, and usually no vegetative management of any kind. The most restrictive land use category among the public lands.
'a large tract of land remote at its core from mechanised access or settlement, substantially unmodified by modern technological society or capable of being restored to that state, and of a sufficient size to make practicable its long-term protection of its natural systems'. (The Macquarie Dictionary 1997)
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Wilderness is the fourth album by American singer/songwriter Sophie B. Hawkins, released in 2004 (see 2004 in music).
Wilderness is an album by country musician C. W. Mc Call, released on Polydor Records in 1976 (see 1976 in music). As its title suggests, it focuses on subjects connected with nature, the environment and humans' impact on them.
Wilderness is a Baltimore-based indie rock band currently signed to Jagjaguwar. Lead by the theatrical, chant-like vocal style and lyrical presence of James Johnson, they are known to create a complex brand of post-punk that heavily recalls art-emo pioneers Lungfish and more closely Public Image Limited. Their debut full-length was recorded, mixed and mastered in May and June of 2004, by Chad Clark and T.J.
a place where man, the outdoor enthusiast, is the visitor who uses the trails, goes hiking and camping, enjoys the sunshine, and allows the terrain to survive and remain exactly as he finds it
An optional 3-week pre-enrollment outdoor experience. There is some aid available for needy participants. The Wilderness Program directors select recipients of this funding.
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"regione selvaggia, deserto"
A disorderly or neglected place.
an acoustically hi-fi place where contours of sounds can be heard in their entirety, away from the broad-band machine noise that characterizes urban centres
an unexplored place
an abandoned property where everyone is free to go
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A wood, kept for pleasure, with walks.
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an excellent example
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Quality or state of being wild; wildness.