Definitions for "Wide Area Telecommunications Service"
Keywords:  wats, toll, inward, outwats, inwats
A U.S. telephone company service allowing reduced costs for certain telephone call arrangements. This can be in-WATS, or 800-number service, where calls can be placed to a location from anywhere at no cost to the calling party, or out-WATS, where calls are placed out from a central location. Cost is generally based on hourly usage per WATS circuit and on distance based on zones, or bands, to which or from which calls are placed.
A special direct distance dialing (toll) service whereby a subscriber installs a dedicated line arranged for either inward or outward calls (not both) between the customer's premises and a specific geographic area. Monthly charges are based on the size of the area in which the calls are placed, not on the number or length of calls.
Toll-free numbers reached by dialing the 800, 888, 877 or 866 area codes.