Definitions for "Wholesaler"
A distributor or middleman who sells mainly to retailers and institutions, rather than consumers.
The companies that physically distribute magazines to single-copy retail outlets, process returns and engage in marketing and in-store service. Wholesalers once served specific geographic territories. But due to retail chains' insistence, one or two major wholesalers are now responsible for magazine distribution to an entire retail chain, however geographically far-flung.
A business that purchases goods from a manufacturer and sells to retailers.
In trade book distribution, a large-volume buyer of primarily mass market paperback titles for distribution to book racks in newspaper and magazine stands, bookstores, and similar outlets. Traditionally, wholesalers have differed significantly from jobbers in the services they provide, which include title selection, delivery, rack stocking, and removing slow-moving inventory. In recent years, some blurring of the distinction between wholesalers and jobbers has occurred, as wholesalers carry non-mass market titles, and jobbers carry mass market titles.
A central order location that allows bookstores and libraries to order multiple titles from multiple publishers.
a business entity that only sells books to other businesses, not to consumers
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an efficient channel for consumer products or business and industrial consumables
Is a lender that provides loans to borrowers through correspondents or mortgage brokers, where the correspondent or broker processes the actual loan.
A wholesaler is a lender that provides loans to borrowers through mortgage brokers or correspondents. The mortgage broker or correspondent works with you and gets your application.
Merchandiser of lists compiled or owned by others, usually working with compiled lists mainly covering a local area; differentiated from a broker by type of list and coverage.
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a person who purchases all or part of his or her tobacco
a company that serves as a bridge between a drug manufacturer and a covered entity