Definitions for "Whim"
A sudden turn or start of the mind; a temporary eccentricity; a freak; a fancy; a capricious notion; a humor; a caprice.
a sudden desire; "he bought it on an impulse"
an odd or fanciful or capricious idea; "the theatrical notion of disguise is associated with disaster in his stories"; "he had a whimsy about flying to the moon"; "whimsy can be humorous to someone with time to enjoy it"
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A large capstan or vertical drum turned by horse power or steam power, for raising ore or water, etc., from mines, or for other purposes; -- called also whim gin, and whimsey.
or WHIMSEY - Winding engine powered by horse, steam or water.
a winding machine used for hoisting ore out of a shaft.
WHIM AM 1520 is a Orlando, Florida U.S.A. area Christian radio station with a format of talk, news and music shows that focus on communicating and teaching the Christian religion. The station is licensed to Apopka, Florida and is owned by Salem Communications, with studios located in Altamonte Springs, Florida.
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To be subject to, or indulge in, whims; to be whimsical, giddy, or freakish.
The ultimate rationale for prenatal child-killing. It boils down to "I want it (the right to kill prenatal children), therefore I should have it". It is might makes right, the essence of Abortionism. Often expressed in words similar to "I just think ..." due to the inability to articulate any credible rationale.
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The European widgeon.
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a germ which corrupts the heart
a desire experienced by a person who does not know and does not care to discover its cause
an emotion whose cause you neither know nor care to discover