Definitions for "Wherry"
A passenger barge or lighter plying on rivers; also, a kind of light, half-decked vessel used in fishing.
A long, narrow, light boat, sharp at both ends, for fast rowing or sailing; esp., a racing boat rowed by one person with sculls.
The name given to the sailing vessels which traded over the rivers of the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads.
"Wherrys are predatory avians, they were the major hunter/scavangers on the planet and killed large numbers of the smaller imported animals during the first months of settlement." "Their bodies are covered with thick proto-feathers, multiple tufts like marabou." "Wherries nested in caves or rocky out croppings, much as earth seabirds do. They ate fish carrion, tunnel snakes, insects, offal, or garbage." Taken from: p13-14 in The Dragonlovers Guide to Pern.
a birdlike, native Pernese creature, about the size of a turkey.
Keywords:  verjuice, liquor, crab, apples, pulp
A liquor made from the pulp of crab apples after the verjuice is expressed; -- sometimes called crab wherry.