Definitions for "where there"
a heavy latina population
a large population of Middle Eastern people (Los Angeles, Detroit, Boston, New York and Chicago come to mind)
a large street racer culture
an excellent overview of half a dozen other browsers - Opera, Camino, Konqueror, Safari, OmniWeb, and Lynx
a prexisiting association between screwcap and 'jug wine' drunk by hobo's
a huge granite memorial in tribute to the Southern leadership from the Civil War, akin to Mount Rushmore
Keywords:  embassy, thai
a Thai Embassy
Keywords:  tressel, playoff, firmly, him, camp
a park named for him
a playoff had him firmly in that camp, but Tressel has now changed his tune
Keywords:  farol, barra, sunset, bay, sea
a bay and you can see the sunset in the sea, good days at "Farol da Barra"
Keywords:  gmpls, wdm, lar, laboratory, optical
a lar ge optical laboratory equipped with test, measurement and transmission devices for IP/GMPLS/WDM
a concerted to effort to make everyone conform to a dumbed down mass hysteria)
Keywords:  dca, upheld, matter, sports, proposed
a possibility that a proposed policy or decision may relate to matters for which DCA is responsible
a sports TRADITION that is upheld no matter what
a large asian minority and from what I remember, none of my applications broke down Asian into any subcategories
a large display about your endeavors
a large military presence
Keywords:  czech, heritage, strong
a strong Czech heritage
a conflict between these bylaws and an affiliation agreement, these bylaws shall prevail
a successful Internet industry there is an affiliate-marketing program that feeds it
a set of practices that are banned by laws
a state law Where the state law relates to the plan Where none of the exceptions to ERISA preemption apply
Keywords:  apa, remedy, adequate
an adequate remedy under the APA
Keywords:  motel, small
a small motel
Keywords:  gmos, campaign, foods
a campaign against foods made from GMOs
an account of a Richard Pemberton's fight with the Indians
Keywords:  intro, elders, bible, perfect, english
a new requirement to examine prospective Elders in English Bible - the OT and NT Intro courses are perfect for that
a "feared" foul use and, believe me, copyright holders are scared of their own shadows
Keywords:  autumn, real
a real autumn
Keywords:  derth, wage, even, capacity, earning
a change in the employee's wage-earning capacity, even without any change in the employee's physical condition
a derth of even average centers
Keywords:  dismissal, constructive
a constructive dismissal under s
a great deal of movement
a great focus on the economic benefits of angling from a socio-economic point of view ie) growing and sustaining local economies, as well as the environmental point of view ie) raising funds for management
a stated delivery service for all seniors, for a nominal cost or none at all, there is no equivalent in Bermuda
Keywords:  literature, topic, rich
a very rich literature on the topic
a master processor that does selection and applies crossover and mutation
Keywords:  crisis, safety, efficiency, energy, key
an energy crisis so safety and energy efficiency are key
Keywords:  species, habitat, rare, forest, highly
a forest and different species of animals
a highly sensitive habitat and many rare species
Keywords:  withholding, flat, rate
a flat withholding rate
Keywords:  tower, bell, ringing, group
a bell tower and a bell ringing group
a specific statutory requirement that mandates different treatment
Keywords:  salary, cap
a salary cap
Keywords:  unemployment, high, rate
a high unemployment rate
Keywords:  radar, jack, corner, cars, bottom
a radar on the bottom right hand corner of the screen and you can high jack cars
a lack of "substantial evidence" of the drug's effectiveness, based, as we have outlined, on clinical investigation by experts
a staff that is knowledgeable about the agriculture sector
a sharp dispute between the parties concerning the underlying facts, it has been the policy of this Court
a water store supplying bottled water which was sealed right away after official
Keywords:  collision, risk, years, high, two
a high risk of collision) in the next two years
Keywords:  administer, program
a HA to administer the program
a pre-existing agreement about property used by the corporation
Keywords:  claim, possibility, insurance
a possibility of a resulting insurance claim
Keywords:  field, table, record
a record in table B with field B
Keywords:  union, included
a union included
Keywords:  way
a will, there is a way