Definitions for "Wet-on-wet"
Colour printing when the first colour of ink is still wet when the subsequent colours are printed.
The superimposing of successive colours while the printed colour is still wet, in one pass through the printing machine.
Printing several colours in rapid succession, one on top of another, on a multicolour press.
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The technique of painting wet color into a wet surface .(paper saturated
application of paint to an already wet surface
a painting technique that is well-known as being the primary method of painting used by Bob Ross. Since lighter colors will usually mix with darker colors if laid over top of them while wet, the technique relies on painting from light colors up. This gives the painting a soft look, and allows the colors to be blended to the painter's desire.
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See wet trapping.
A padding process in which the material to be padded is wet, e.g., from a previous process stage.