Definitions for "welt"
Keywords:  seam, sewn, outsole, sew, upholstery
That which, being sewed or otherwise fastened to an edge or border, serves to guard, strengthen, or adorn it
A small cord covered with cloth and sewed on a seam or border to strengthen it; an edge of cloth folded on itself, usually over a cord, and sewed down.
A hem, border, or fringe.
A raised ridge on the surface of the skin, produced by a blow, as from a stick or whip; a wale; a weal; as, to raise welts on the back with a whip.
A blow that produces a welt{3}.
a raised mark on the skin (as produced by the blow of a whip); characteristic of many allergic reactions
Keywords:  wilt
To wilt.
Keywords:  album, industrial
Welt is a 2001 industrial album by oh Gr.
Keywords:  butt, press, square, joint, pieces
Same as "Butt Joint." -- A joint in which the ends of the pieces are square and press against each other.