Definitions for "Webmaster"
The primary person who is responsible for setting up and maintaining a web server. This person is often listed as a contact for issues that concern the operation of a web site.
The alias for a person who looks after a particular website.
A person that creates and manages the information and organisation of a website.
a dynamic new Internet based career
a strange beast, and if your considering it as a career diversion, then you may find the following pages a useful introduction to what one does, how to become one, and what skills and tools you'll need to do the job
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a composer and the pianist
an omniscient programmer that is truly a "master" of the Web
a young, progressive, innovative customer-oriented company formed in Los Angeles, California
a publisher, a librarian, a computer administrator, and a designer
Web Design where Linux
a respected and sought after member of the Management Information Systems/Information Technology group
a highly visible volunteer position, with financial support available for purchase of software, selected pieces of hardware and for web page development
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One word