Definitions for "Web Client"
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A computer that's utilizing a Web server. Whenever you're using your browser at home or work to surf the Internet, your computer is acting as a Web client.
A Web client is a software application such as Netscape Navigator that permits access to the World Wide Web and its hyperlinked pages. Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer are both graphical browsers. Lynx is a text-based brow ser.
A program capable of communicating with Web servers, requesting and receiving information from them, and processing it for display or other uses. Web browsers are a kind of Web client. Other common Web clients are generally programmatic (not operated by a human) and serve to perform systematic queries over a range of Web servers, for example for indexing purposes.
an ActiveX control, it can be used within other environments besides web pages such as such as Visual Basic applications or a spreadsheet
The computer and software you use to access web pages.
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a program by which you can access the Worldwide Web ( WWW )