Definitions for "Weaving"
Keywords:  interlace, loom, weft, warp, axminster
The act of one who, or that which, weaves; the act or art of forming cloth in a loom by the union or intertexture of threads.
the process of making fabric by interlacing a series of warp yarns with weft yarns at right angles.
a method of constructing fabric by interlacing warp and weft threads.
Keywords:  sway, rhythmic, vice, neck, repetitive
An incessant motion of a horse's head, neck, and body, from side to side, fancied to resemble the motion of a hand weaver in throwing the shuttle.
Rhythmic swaying of weight from one front foot to the other when confined. Can be socially contagious.
The movement a horse trailer makes while going down the road with a rambunctious horse in it.
walking unsteadily; "a stqaggering gait"
(Crossing over/ knitting) Unsound gaiting action which starts with twisting elbows and ends with criss-crossing and toeing out.
The theme of weaving in mythology is ancient, and its lost mythic lore probably accompanied the early spread of this mysterious art. Westward of Central Asia and the Iranian plateau, weaving is a mystery within woman's sphere, and where men have become the primary weavers in this part of the world, it is possible that they have usurped the archaic role.
Zigzagging across the track to warm up and clean off tires, or to confuse an opponent while attempting a pass.
Keywords:  gourd, shell, lip, pattern, cut
use of material to weave a pattern in the shell, around the lip, or in an opening cut in the gourd
In online moderation, weaving is a coordination technique that involves pulling discussions and contributions together and then relating them to the objective of the consultation. This allows participants to see what has been said and to know that they have been heard, and it allows connections in the discussion to become more visible.
Keywords:  alignment, wound, tape, roll, layers
A poorly wound roll of tape in which the individual layers of tape are not in alignment with the other layers.
a simple arrangement of curves in the plane together with a binary relation specifying which curve is "above" the other