Definitions for "Wax resist"
decoration by applying warm or emulsified wax to pottery or fabric to present water-based glazes or dyes from adhering to the waxed areas.
A decorative technique where a wax based medium is used to create a pattern, which is then covered, in another coat of glaze or slip. The wax resists the subsequent coating creating the pattern. Paper stencils or tape can create a similar effect. Latex is another effective resist with other advantages.
Traditionally, wax or parafin was applied to the bottom of a pot to resist the glaze applied to the pot above. This facilitated the subsequent firing because the glaze free bottom would not stick to the kiln shelf. Wax resist can also be used as a decoration technique. Wax is used to decorate an unglazed pot. It resists the glaze when applied. After firing the clay body is left exposed.
Keywords:  wash, medium, spread, colored, design
The use of a waxy medium to make a design over which a colored wash is spread.
The use of a waxy medium shaped into a design over which a colored wash is spread.