Definitions for "Wavelength"
The distance from one point on a vibrating wave to the same point on the next wave. The lengths of the sound waves (wavelengths) we can hear range from one inch to 40 feet. High frequency sounds have short wavelengths (and are more directional), low frequency sounds have long wavelengths (and are less directional). In lighting terms, blue light is short wavelength, green is medium and red is long wavelength. Beyond visible light are the short wavelength Ultra Violet light and the long wavelength Infra Red light. See also Frequency.
The distance between any two corresponding points on a wave. See also: frequency, Advanced Topics
Wavelength is an album by Irish musician Van Morrison, released in 1978. The album had a different atmosphere to his previous albums, it had a more pop oriented sound due to his heavy use of electric guitars and synthesizers.
Wavelength is a weekly live music night on the Toronto music scene, with an accompanying print and web zine. It began in February 2000. The music night coincided with a significant renaissance in the Toronto music community and became the de facto community centre for local bands and musicians.
The approximate scale size of a photon (a definition which to a certain degree is a fiction since photons do not have well defined sizes). Wavelength is indicated in equations by the Greek letter lambda ().
Wavelength (1983) is a low-budget, independent science fiction film written and directed by Mike Gray and starring Robert Carradine, Cherie Currie, and Keenan Wynn.
Encyclopaedia Britannica 2002
Wavelength is a short, forty-five minute film that made the reputation of Canadian experimental filmmaker Michael Snow. It was filmed in 1966 and released the following year. It is an example of what film theorist P.
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Waveshell Waves Shell
The length of a Soundwave, For example , sound at 50Hz in air has a Wavelength of around 6.9m.
The length from one point on a wave to the point where it is repeated exactly in space, at a given time.
The length of a wave. Sound at 50Hz in air has a wavelength of around 6.9 metres.
a shared orientation leading to mutual understanding; "they are on the same wavelength"
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The term that is used to describe a wave's motion.