Definitions for "Wave train"
The response of an elastic system to an acoustic energy impulse describes a wavelet of several cycles of sinusoidal character. At the onset, the wavelet will be rich in all frequencies but the high frequency components are attenuated rapidly by transit through earth materials because of inelastic absorption and conversion to heat. Wavelets are generated for each energy mode and the composite particle motion resulting from the compressional, shear, fluid, and boundary waves becomes the wave train with characteristics of the transmitting source, coupling, and the transmission media. See acoustic wave and wave train display, also Stoneley wave and tube wave.
A continuous series of waves with the same amplitude and wavelength.
A Series of waves or groups of waves passing along the same course at regular intervals.
a succession of waves spaced at regular intervals
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a group of waves traveling at the same speed across the ocean
A super position of waves propagating in the same direction and with almost equal phase speeds.
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A continual push of waves.