Definitions for "Watershed"
The whole region or extent of country which contributes to the supply of a river or lake.
The line of division between two adjacent rivers or lakes with respect to the flow of water by natural channels into them; the natural boundary of a basin; -- called also divide and water parting.
The boundary of a lake, river, or aquiferís catchment (see above). Sometimes used to refer to the upstream part of a catchment, particularly where hilly or mountainous.
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Watershed is a South African band featuring lead singer Craig W. Hinds. Most famous for their signature tune 'Indigo Girl', Watershed became a natural success when a German radio DJ heard the single whilst vacationing in South Africa, and played it on the air in Germany.
This is the word used to describe the time in the schedule after which television programmes are directed at adult audiences. It is the time, in other words, when children's viewing ends. In New Zealand the television watershed for free-to-air TV is 8.30pm. Broadcasters agree to respect this watershed when they programme their channels.
Watershed is a term used in the United Kingdom (as well as Canada) to describe a time in television schedules beyond which it is permissible to show television programmes which have 'adult content'. It is known in the US as "Safe Harbor". Adult content can be generally defined as having at least some nudity, explicit sexual intercourse, graphic violence, strong language, or drug references or use.
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Watershed is a band based in Columbus, Ohio, playing music in the genre of pop-punk.
a natural entity conforming to the increasing homogeneity of geomorhic sculpturing process
a complex and dynamic system, integrating geography, water flows, and biological communities that change with seasonal cycles
a gathering place, a region defined by hydrology-the way water flows over, under and through the earth
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a fragile and life-giving treasure
Keywords:  shelter, shed, storm, ocean, ships
a shed in the middle of the ocean where ships shelter during a storm
Keywords:  hydrological, basic, unit
a basic hydrological unit
Keywords:  ecosystem, dynamic, unique
a dynamic and unique ecosystem
a point in time marking an important transition between two situations, or phases of an activity; a turning point.
an event marking a unique or important historical change of course or one on which important developments depend; "the agreement was a watershed in the history of both nations"
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a gathering place for water
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a large metal building that stores water
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a body of water (eg