Definitions for "Watermark"
The watermark package provides an application for wavelet-based invisible robust image watermarking.
A mark indicating the height to which water has risen, or at which it has stood; the usual limit of high or low water.
A letter, device, or the like, wrought into paper during the process of manufacture.
Text written onto an image, such as the date and time.
The watermark is a bitmap that is displayed behind the Internet Explorer toolbar. The color of the watermark should not obscure the text or graphics of toolbar buttons.
a background which does not scroll when you scroll the page
a copyright notice that is embedded into the artifact that uniquely identifies its owner
a digital signal carrying information about the copyright owner that is (or at least should be) permanently embedded into a digital product, making it robust to any alteration (malicious or not) of its content
a digital signal carrying information about the copyright owner that is permanently embedded into a digital product, making the product robust to any alteration (deliberate or unintentional) of its content
an imperceptible (or barely perceptible) component, added to audio or video signal to convey information
a visually or audibly imperceptible modification to the content, which can only be detected if a certain piece of information is known
Watermark is an album by Irish musician Enya, released in 1988 (see 1988 in music). Featuring her first major hit, "Orinoco Flow", Watermark was Enya's breakthrough album release, and is considered a seminal example of New Age music, although Enya herself does not consider her work to be of that genre.
Watermark is an EP by The Weakerthans, released on CD in 2001. Being relatively short for an EP, the disc does include the music video for the single "Watermark" (taken from 2000's Left and Leaving). Supplementing this are live, acoustic renditions of two songs originally released on their debut album Fallow (album).
Watermark, a CCM singing duo comprised of husband and wife Nathan and Christy Nockels, is an artist on Michael W. Smith's record label, Rocketown Records.
a fairly good measure against counterfeit
Technique that helps prevent counterfeit. Pattern encoded on magnetic stripe.
a coded number registered with digimarc that is added to your image
a ghostly image of a name or symbol added to an existing image which usually identifies the owner, and makes it clear when an image is being used without permission
a 'layer' that you can put on top of your images
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a lighter "eye" than the petal color while the eye is a contrasting darker color
a pale aureole of color at the center of a darker flower
(n.) In STREAMS, a limit value that is used in flow control. Each queue has a high watermark and a low watermark. The high watermark value indicates the upper limit that is related to the number of bytes which are contained on the queue. When the queued character reaches its high watermark, STREAMS causes blocking of another queue that attempts to send a message to this queue. When the characters in this queue are reduced to the low watermark value, the other queue is unblocked by STREAMS.
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webmail Who's Who Windows 95 wrapper
A line on a tree or other upright structure that represents the maximum static water level reached during an inundation event.
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WAV wave file
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a beep or noise that is placed on an audio to protect it from being used without permission
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an imprint, name, date, warning etc
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Wax Resist Weathering
a function to print such characters as "Sample" or "Confidential" over print data
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an excellent security feature
a form of electronic access protection for compact discs
a signature used to identify authenticity
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a picture of the bank
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(see digital watermark)
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See Water line, 2.