Definitions for "Watercress"
small, peppery greens good in salads or cooked dishes
Watercress has small, crisp, dark-green leaves and a strong, peppery, slightly bitter flavor; available year-round and customarily sold in small bunches. Look for crisp leaves with deep, vibrant color. Avoid leaves that are yellowing or wilting. Refrigerate in a plastic bag or stems-down in a glass of water covered with a plastic bag for up to five days. Wash and shake dry just before using. Watercress may be used in Chinese stir fry dishes and soups.
A hardy aquatic perennial Rorippa nasturtium-aquaticum, also called Nastartium officinale, with a round, sharply-flavored green leaf, generally grown in slightly alkaline running water. Used principally as a garnish for roasts and grills, in salads and in soups. It was introduced to Asia by the British and is used in salads in SEA, as a garnish in Japan and is boiled in soup in China (also called winter rocket (USA)).
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Sesame Oil
A good source of vitamins A, B-complex and C. Soothing and conditioning, very beneficial to the skin. (See also Vitamins A, B-complex and C.)