Definitions for "Watercraft"
a craft designed for water transportation
a structure designed to provide transportation in the water
A watercraft is a vehicle, vessel or craft designed to move across (or through) water for pleasure, recreation, physical exercise, commerce, transport of people and goods, and military missions. It is derived from the term "craft" which was used as term to describe all types of water going vessels. (The term craft has since been expanded to include all types of vessels which travel on water (watercraft), in air (aircraft) and in space (spacecraft).)
Coverage for damages resulting from the operation of motor boats too large to qualify for insurance under ordinary homeowners and small business policies. Coverage exists whether the boats are leased or owned by another party who operates them in the benefit of the business exposing them to liability. This covers the actual boat, engine, propellers, and permanently attached equipment in and out of water while boating, launching, towing and storing.
skill in the management of boats
A boat, ship or other water vehicle