Definitions for "Water garden"
Garden of Lights
a beautiful feature in any garden, from natural ponds to formal fountains, to bog gardens, raised informal pools, tub gardens and in-ground pools
a recent addition to the Farrens' backyard, with an original hand-dug well providing the needed supply of vital liquid
a complete eco-system of its own, where a delicate balance of fish, useful bacteria, plant life, and insects co-exist in harmony
an extremely eco-conscious landscaping feature
a soothing, beautiful addition to the indoor landscape, and it does not have to be a financial burden
Keywords:  spout, paved, drain, near, plantings
a relatively small area of plantings near the drain spout of a building or paved area
an easy conversation starter that can get your whole household laughing and chatting, and spending the kind of quality time together that is the best part of family life
Keywords:  lifestyle, great, your, space, addition
a great addition to your lifestyle and to your property
a great way to make much more of your land space