Definitions for "Water content"
Generally limited because of the concern about hydrolysis. Typically measured using ASTM D-1744 which makes use of a Karl-Fischer reagent. It should be noted that unlike non-detergent mineral oils, phosphate esters can contain considerable amounts of dissolved water. This is normally kept under control with the purification media and/or the use of desiccant breathers. In extreme cases, vacuum dehydration may be required to lower a very high water content such as that arising from a cooler leak. See also Hydrolysis and Hydrolytic Stability.
The amount of water present in a liquid. Determined by Dean Stark or Karl Fisher method.
The liquid water present within a sample of snow (or soil), usually expressed in per cent by weight.
The percent of water in a soil relative to its dry weight.
The amount of water by weight in the soil. Water content is found by dividing the weight of water in the soil by the weight of dry soil.