Definitions for "Water budget"
The movement of water into and out of a lake as described by a balance equation in which the change in storage of water equals the rate of inflow from all sources minus the rate of loss.
the accounting of the inflows and outflows of water to and from a system.
An accounting of the inflow to, outflow from, and storage changes of water within a system, such as a watershed or aquifer
The freshwater available for plant, animal, and human use plus the water necessary to maintain streamflow.
A part of the Northwest Power Planning Council's Fish and Wildlife Program, calling for a specific amount of water to be released from reservoirs to augment streamflows during the downstream migration of juvenile salmon and steelhead.
A provision of the Columbia River Basin Fish and Wildlife Program that calls for increasing Columbia and Snake River Flows during the spring fish migration with the intent of increasing downstream survival of migrating juvenile salmon and steelhead.
(buj'et) A bearing which represents the ancient water budget, or bucket, consisting of two leather vessels connected by a stick or yoke and carried over the shoulder. They were used by soldiers for carrying water on long marches, and were also utilized by water carriers to convey water from the conduits to the houses of the citizens.
an accounting of water available in each particular surface water or groundwater source, for subsequent allocation by water rights licences for individual projects
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A summation of inputs, outputs, and net changes to a particular water resource system over a fixed period. (Also, water balance model).