Definitions for "Water bar"
Keywords:  ditch, skid, divert, trail, hump
A mound or ridge of soil formed across a road or trail for the purpose of deflecting water onto the adjacent area, usually into the forest litter.
V-shaped trench cut into the surface of a road, which collects water and channels it off the road surface, to avoid erosion.
A diversion ditch and/or hump installed across a trail or road to divert runoff from the surface before the flow gains enough volume and velocity to cause soil movement and erosion, and deposit the runoff into a dispersion area. Water bars are most frequently used on retired roads, trails, and landings.
Keywords:  reglet, windowsill, baffle, sill, strip
It is a strip in a reglet in windowsill and stone below in order to prevent water passage.
Typically a strip in the bottom of a door sill serving as a baffle to the entrance of water.
Keywords:  threshold, rising, bar, door, blowing
A small metal bar rising above the level of threshold to a door to prevent water blowing below it.