Definitions for "Watch"
The act of watching; forbearance of sleep; vigil; wakeful, vigilant, or constantly observant attention; close observation; guard; preservative or preventive vigilance; formerly, a watching or guarding by night.
One who watches, or those who watch; a watchman, or a body of watchmen; a sentry; a guard.
The post or office of a watchman; also, the place where a watchman is posted, or where a guard is kept.
a coalition formed to gather information regarding threats to the (ADA) and to activate grassroots responses
a coalition member) keeps a congressional voting record on Latin America issues, especially Colombia votes
a coalition of national, state, and local disability organizations, as well as individuals united to protect the civil rights of people with physical and mental disabilities
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A watch issued by the National Weather Service means that conditions are favorable for the formation of the phenomena mentioned in the watch, such as flash floods or severe thunderstorms.
A watch is used when the risk of a hazardous weather or hydrologic event has increased significantly, but its occurrence, location, and/or timing is still uncertain. It is intended to provide enough lead time so that those who need to set their plans in motion can do so. [Go to source
Statement issued by the NWS in advance of a storm system to alert the public of the possibility of a particular hazard (e.g., severe thunderstorm watch, winter storm watch).
A small timepiece, or chronometer, to be carried about the person, the machinery of which is moved by a spring.
a small portable timepiece
a beautiful timepiece
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a great gift that your
a great gift to give or receive
a very nice gift for the guy who has a hard time of keeping track of time
a growing network of non-governmental organizations and bodies focusing on various aspects of ECA reform
an organizing and outreach feature of the larger international campaign to reform Export Credit, Finance and Insurance Agencies (ECAs)
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To be expectant; to look with expectation; to wait; to seek opportunity.
a twice monthly newsletter which monitors the regulatory activities of the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of the Interior, OSHA, the White House, and state and legal agencies
a wee kly Fax newsletter which focuses on business opportunities in Me xico
an indicator that displays the time and money
an indicator that displays the time to compensate for drift and
a particular little portable clock this displays the current time in addition to sometimes the current day, date, month in addition to year
a jewellery piece, one of the few, in fact, available to men
a present that will give hours of pleasure to its recipient and one of the few pieces of jewellery that is constantly looked at
a unit of time, much like how we use hours
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a project of Derechos HR and Equipo Nizkor
an object and a mask that describe an event that the user wants to receive notification events from
an (object,mask) pair where the object is a file or directory and the mask is a bitmask of one or more inotify events that the application wishes to receive
a contrivance for distributing a force outside of computer poker software bingo eletronico extras nevada casino jobs itself, race track betgting and casino properties, inc
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find out, learn, or determine with certainty, usually by making an inquiry or other effort; "I want to see whether she speaks French"; "See whether it works"; "find out if he speaks Russian"; "Check whether the train leaves on time"
a new publication of AIMS intended to provide independent and critical analysis of the efforts and activities of the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency
a new publication of AIMS that is intended to provide an independent and critical analysis of the efforts and activities of ACOA
a complicated version of an hourglass timer
The hand held device used by timers and coaches for timing a swimmers races and taking splits.
a functional and ornamental device that is associated with linear time, and mythologically associated with the collective father, Father Time
a great way for children to learn to tell time and also to be responsible
a tool designed to tell the time
a devotional watch (especially on the eve of a religious festival)
a UK-based secular network of individuals and organisations committed to monitoring and combating religious hatred in South Asia and in the UK
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an unmistakably Piaget game
follow with the eyes or the mind; "Keep an eye on the baby, please!"; "The world is watching Sarajevo"; "She followed the men with the binoculars"
a simple mechanism compared to the mind
a visible, tangible symbol of time, and children can best wrap their minds around an idea when they also can wrap their fingers around something that represents it
a constant companion, playing the role of a stylish accessory
an accessory that makes a personal statement
an important accessory that every man needs
To give heed to; to observe the actions or motions of, for any purpose; to keep in view; not to lose from sight and observation; as, to watch the progress of a bill in the legislature.
look attentively; "watch a basketball game"
observe with attention; "They watched as the murderer was executed"
an independent, non-profit, non-government organisation comprising journalists, lawyers, editors and other media workers, dedicated to examining issues of ethics, accountability, censorship, media freedom and media ownership in the Pacific region
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Watch is an album released in 1978 by Manfred Mann's Earth Band.
Men, sometimes old men, who patrolled the streets at night to prevent crime.
The event is expected to occur in the second or third period of the forecast, i.e. tomorrow or tomorrow night.
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a small lithium battery which has to be replaced
CMOS integrated circuits specially suited for battery-operated, quartz-crystal-controlled wrist-watches, with a bipolar stepping motor.
Watch will monitor mouse and keyboard activity and notify you when you should rest.
One of the three methods of remote control. Both the Console and the Client workstation will display the Client's screen. Only the user at the Client will be able to enter keystrokes and mouse movements for the Console system.
a way for a user to track updates to an object
A variable whose value is tracked during runtime. When a watch is set, it appears in the Watch window (part of the IDE). Watches are updated whenever a breakpoint is reached; thus, changes to values can be seen by placing breakpoints at specific events.
a delicate instrument but, if it is given proper care, it will provide many years of quality service
a very delicate instrument
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an established, top-tier online food diary and calorie counter designed to provide nutritional information to help people meet their health, nutrition and diet goals
a chronograph is fraught with the flow in a perfectly synchronised manner
an excellent site devoted to making sure the United States' space agency if forthright with the tax-paying public
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an essential part of any attire
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a very sophisticated
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a replica, finished in China
see or watch; "view a show on television"; "This program will be seen all over the world"; "view an exhibition"; "Catch a show on Broadway"; "see a movie"
a fairly expensive purchase and you should do your homework before buying one online
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a finely tuned mini machine
a machine for living with
a machine with a power source that drives the escapement through a train of gears, and it has a subsidiary train to drive a hand
a relatively simple device
a simple expression to evaluate when the target is stopped in the debugger according to the current context
a PAY FOR INFORMATION COMMERCIAL BULLETIN BOARD SERVICE that maintains a Fishing Lure Web Page on the net
a very special purchase but choosing one can be a little bewildering
To serve the purpose of a watchman by floating properly in its place; -- said of a buoy.
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a public service of the Cooper Young Community Association that grew out of rising concern for the safety of the residents in the area
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a good thing to have and timing is everything
a thing of order and purpose
a useful thing
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an instrument created to help us organize our time in the best possible way
a pilot's best friend
a blog, which is the internet equivalent to a column in a newspaper
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a good example of the added value concept that governs the Swiss economy
a piece of jewelry that you will most likely wear every single day for many years to come
a reflection of your personality, just like the clothes you wear
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a kind of compass to direct us to the right place
an entity in its own right
a very intricate piece of technology, it literally changed the world and impacted human development in every way possible
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a powerful marketing tool that lets you isolate data from your web server activity logs
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a must just as long as it is not full of diamond studs
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a high perceived item and is valued
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a bit too big, they need to be taken out back and given a good kicking
a person employed to watch for something to happen
Worldwide Automated Transaction Clearing House
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a small arc for two to three minutes
a citizen web site about the planned development
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a must-read for reporters covering the beat
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a sum of its parts
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an index of your personality