Definitions for "Washout"
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When you're talking about a wing or a rotorblade, washout is a twist in the blade so that part of it is at a different angle of attack than the rest, allowing you to recover from a stall before it's too late. The term washout mixers, levers or arms are also used in the rc helicopter community and are referring to the mixing arms that connect directly to the top of the swashplate and are mixed with the paddles and main blades through a set of linkages and joints.
Also called "Wing Twist". The term applied to the trailing edge of a wingtip being twisted up more than the shape of the wing at the root. This allows the airplane's wing to stall at the root and the tips to remain in the flying condition as the airplane nears stall speed.
the erosive process of washing away soil or gravel by water (as from a roadway); "from the house they watched the washout of their newly seeded lawn by the water"
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a person who has failed a course of study or training, leaving the program before its completion.
A leave in which the headpin and the 2 or 4 or 7 is left along with the 10-pin, and sometimes with a 6-pin (for a right-hander). Also, the headpin and the 3 or 6 or 10 is left along with the 7-pin, and sometimes with a 4-pin (for a left-hander).
To leave the 1-2-4-7-10, 1-2-4-10 or 1-2-10; or, 1-3-6-7-10, 1-3-6-7 or 1-3-7 after the first ball.
The washing out or away of earth, etc., especially of a portion of the bed of a road or railroad by a fall of rain or a freshet; also, a place, especially in the bed of a road or railroad, where the earth has been washed away.
the channel or break produced by erosion of relatively soft soil by water; "it was several days after the storm before they could repair the washout and open the road"
(1) Erosion of a relatively soft surface, such as a roadbed, by a sudden gush of water, as from a downpour or floods. (2) A channel produced by such erosion.
The action that the platform during running to move itself back towards centre level position when either not required to drive actively or when active drive signals would result in subliminal platform movement if transmitted.
A "stop" signal. Also, track ballast washed away by water action.
1. A goal that is disallowed for one of several reasons, such as the puck being kicked into the goal cage, or being batted in with a high stick, indicated by a signal from a linesman that is similar to baseball's "safe signal." 2. The same signal, indicating that no icing or offside violation is being called.
Washout was a fictional mutant character in the Marvel Universe of comics. The character first appeared in X-Force #129 and died in Weapon X #11.
The removal of radioactive particles from a nuclear cloud by precipitation when this cloud is below a rain (or snow) cloud.
The removal of a pollutant by precipitation below clouds.
The removal of solid and gaseous material from the air and its deposition on the earth's surface due to capture by falling precipitation.
The destruction or displacement of a bridge, trestle, or embankment due to floods.
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a disturbance but not a dislocation
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someone who is unsuccessful
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a gamester who retires without ever scoring. For a list, click here.
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The process of opening up the image area of a screen after a photo stencil has been exposed.
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a translucent image
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a complete failure; -- of an enterprise.
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See Processing.