Definitions for "Wane"
Keywords:  bark, sawn, lumber, plank, corner
The natural curvature of a log or of the edge of a board sawed from a log.
Bark or lack of wood on the edge or corner of a piece of wood, resulting from the piece being sawn from near the outer circumference of a sawlog.
A lumber defect that leaves wood missing from the edge of a piece.
To be diminished; to decrease; -- contrasted with wax, and especially applied to the illuminated part of the moon.
To decline; to fail; to sink.
To cause to decrease.
Keywords:  inequality, board
An inequality in a board.
Keywords:  novels, smaller, his, interest
become smaller; "Interest in his novels waned"
Keywords:  grow, smaller, project, interest
grow smaller; "Interest in the project waned"