Definitions for "Wand"
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A small stick; a rod; a verge.
A staff of authority.
A rod used by conjurers, diviners, magicians, etc.
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A pen-shaped bar code scanner that emits a beam from the end or tip of the wand. Wands are older, bar code reading technology but inexpensive and still widely used where speed and performance are not crucial.
a pen-shaped device with a
a pen-type scanner requiring physical contact with a bar code when scanning
WAND is an NBC affiliate in Decatur, Illinois, serving the Decatur–Springfield–Champaign area. It is a joint venture of LIN Television (who owns 33% of the station) and Block Communications (67%); however, in this case, LIN manages the station. In addition to NBC and local programming, WAND also shows Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy!.
a right handed , projectile weapon that can require one of a variety of monk , mesmer , elementalist , or necromancer attributes
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WAP warchalking
a manual scanning device in that a tilt angle and constant scanning motion must be met in order to obtain a good read
Wands are used to tilt the angle of the blinds for light/privacy control. It's recommended for larger sized blinds to use a cord rather than a wand since it will take consiberable effort (with a wand) to move all the slats in the blind.
Length of unsplit willow or hazel, usually less than 1" diameter
There are two common types of wands--the variable pressure (or dual lance) wand and the straight through wand. The variable pressure wand allows the user to simply twist the handle on the wand and reduce the spray pressure. If the chemical injector is attached, the soap or chemical will automatically be injected into the water stream after the pump when the pressure is turned down. Simply turn the pressure back up and the soap injector stops drawing soap. In addition to the convenience, this is the best way to apply soap because it never passes through the pump. Many soaps and chemicals are harmful to a high-pressure pump.
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An object that can be used to cast a single spell on a single target. A wand generally has several charges, meaning it can be used several times before being used up. See also pills, scrolls, potions and staves.
an external device not connected to the body
The Wand is a handheld Freespace controller which uses a camera to detect the position of display devices with known contents within its field of view.
Dreaming of waving a wand and fulfilling a wish signifies you will have some input to amateur dramatics.
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a strong, masculine object, alive with potent force
Opera's password manager for automatic log-in to Web sites
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a usually a light colored crop or longe whip which has the