Definitions for "WallPaper "
Keywords:  desktop, background, bmp, picture, icon
WallPaper is a desktop changer which includes a crawler for web download, a streamripper, an audio player, an mp3 tag editor, a picture browser, a thumbnails generator, a wrapper for Berkeley DB, etc. Want more ?
Graphic/picture/image spread across the background of your mobile phone/computer screen.
An image which is used as a decoration on the desktop.
Keywords:  qsl, cbers, contest, hung, cards
QSL cards, exchanged by CBers, that have their handle and location printed on them, usually hung on a wall.
Slang for QSL Cards and operating/contest certificates.
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Paper you put on walls. There are two kinds: The kind you really want and the kind you can afford.
a decorative paper for the walls of rooms
Decorated printed paper sold in rolls for sticking on the plaster of walls. At least a sealer or lining paper should be put on new plaster to prevent it discolouring paper.
A worthless security. The name derives from the fact that the security certificate might as well be used as wallpaper.
The name given to stocks, bonds and other securities that have become worthless.
A disparaging term used to describe stamps which have little or no Philatelic value.
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Many of the younger drivers in F1 do not bother trying to have personality. They are thus known as wallpaper.
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a very small part of a theme IMO, I prefer them rather simple
Keywords:  monetary, security, value
security with no monetary value.
Keywords:  watch, stock, list, watered
watch list watered stock
Keywords:  cover
cover with wallpaper