Definitions for "Walkthrough"
Keywords:  solicit, invite, comments, peer, review
a verification and validation technique that consists of producer of a work product (e.g., document, software component) leading a set of evaluators though the contents of the work product in order to train them and to solicit comments and recommendations. Note that the walkthough of an executable software unit may involve the manual testing of the unit by mentally executing test cases. Contrast with audit, inspection, and review.
An inspection of the building site by the architect, owner and/or the general contractor.
(General:) A thorough demonstration or explanation that details each step of a process. (In user testing:) A peer review of a product created during the systems development process, with the goal to identify errors and learn from users' experiences.
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a type of guide that explains exactly how to finish a certain quest or kill a specific mob
a USER'S self-description of what that user is intending/thinking/feeling as they go about some specific task
A sofware-centered description of the steps taken when using a particular sofware system to accomplish a particular task or series of tasks on a particular model. Walkthroughs are useful for explaining how a particular software system is meant to be used. Contrast to a use case.
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an imense help
A step-by-step complete solution to a game, including all of the correct moves in their correct order and how to solve each of the game's puzzles. Back to the Index of Terms
a special kind of FAQ that is mostly useful for strategy-type games that involve a series of complex interactions to complete the game
a start-to-finish "most direct route" way to finish the game, which guarantees that you will miss out on lots of the pleasant details that make IF worthwhile
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a funny thing
walking through the blocking, but with little or no singing. Unless there is a cue-to-cue, this would normally be the first time on stage, with the stage introductions and safety notes.
a quality assurance technique where a work product like the system design is presented to project members
A presentation and discussion of the products or documentation resulting from an application development stage.
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Syn: pilot test.
an organized tour through a school focused on teaching and learning
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See the Final Walkthrough entry.
an informal meeting for evaluation or informational purposes
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See: code walkthrough.