Definitions for "Walking"
A term used to describe a hand-held finishing tool that has been modified with extension handles so it can be used while standing up.
The propensity of some tools to move away from center or off the mark due to rotational forces. Drills will walk off center when presented to the work piece. It may appear that for each rotation the drill takes a step away from center. Thus, it is walking off center. Drills will walk more often when dull or improperly sharpened.
The tendency for SLCDs to creep, cares first, into a crack when lateral force is applied to their stern; can compromise the security of the placement and can be minimized by using a sling extension
A method for cloning large regions of a chromosome. Starting from a known site, a gene library is screened for clones that hybridize to DNA probes taken from the ends of the first clone. These clones are then isolated, and their ends used to screen the library again. These clones are then isolated and their ends used, and so on. See gene walking; chromosome walking.
The sequential cloning of adjacent regions along a chromosome by using the ends of previously-obtained clones to re-screen genomic libraries. Walking allows one to extend the length of contigs (see Chapter 10).
Walking is the main form of animal locomotion on land, distinguished from running and crawling. When executed in shallow water, it is usually described as wading and when executed vertically it becomes scrambling or climbing. The word walking is derived from the Old English walkan (to roll).
Process of changing the charge levels of the printing nibs of an electrostatic printer. Adjusting to a lesser charge level, or walking down, an electrostatic printer reduces dot gain with overlapping images while printing and enables better color matching.
Alternating your index and middle fingers to depress a double trigger repeatedly. You can imagine why it's called walking if you do it. Walking is the best technique for fast firing and accuracy. Also see Fanning and Raking.
the act of traveling by foot; "walking is a healthy form of exercise"
a terrific exercise, and you re on the right track for
Before playing, walking from bunker to bunker on a field to devise a good strategy for playing the field. It helps you determine which bunkers are key to winning on that field, good blind shots (to and from) at bunkers, and other useful information.
The act of self-propelling along route, whether is on foot or on small wheels, or assisted by additional aids.
The fifth stage of the five stages of self-healing, in which you have reached your ideal goal and are ready to set another self-healing goal, beginning from the embryonic stage.
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When a crew is consistently moving past another crew, seat by seat, during a practice piece or race.
A bass line that consists mostly of quarter notes to outline the pulse
close enough to be walked to; "walking distance"; "the factory with the big parking more convenient than the walk-to factory"
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a great way to shape up and lose weight without risk of injury
a. & n. from Walk, v.