Definitions for "wac "
Weighted Average Coupon. The weighted average of the interest rates on the loans underlying a mortgage pool or asset-backed security, with the balance of each loan as the weighting factor.
Weighted Average Coupon. The weighted average of the gross interest rate of mortgages underlying a pool as of the pool issue date; the balance of each mortgage is used as the weighing factor.
Weighted Average Coupon. The weighted average interest rate of the underlying mortgage loans or pools that serve as collateral for a security, weighted by the size of the principal loan balances.
WASHINGTON ADMINISTRATIVE CODE. Current administrative regulations created by state agencies to carry out the laws passed by the state legislature. When rules are proposed, they must be published and an opportunity given for public comment before they can go into effect. Also includes rules for hearing claims and appeals over which agencies have jurisdiction.
The Washington Administrative Code.
Washington Administrative Code. The rules that govern Washington State administrative agencies such as the Department of Social and Health Services.
World Aeronautical Chart. A series of charts covering the World at the scale of 1:1 000 000 for the purpose of aerial navigation. WACs are used for flight planning and in-flight navigation by VFR (Visual Flight Rules) pilots on extended cross country flight at medium to high altitudes and medium to high airspeed and as a base maps for the Digital Chart of the World (DCW). Canadian coverage (18 sheets) is produced by the Aeronautical Charts Service, Geomatics Canada, Natural Resources Canada. (See DCW -Digital Chart of the World)
These charts provide a standard series of aeronautical charts covering land areas of the world at a size and scale convenient for navigation by moderate speed aircraft. Topographic information includes cities and towns, principle roads, railroads, distinctive landmarks, drainage and relief. Aeronautical information includes visual and radio aids to navigation, airports, controlled airspace, restricted areas, obstructions, and pertinent data.
World AIDS Campaign
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Womens' Army Corps.
a member of the Women's Army Corp that was organized during World War II but is no longer a separate branch
Women's Army Corps.
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"Worked All Continents"; an award issued to those who make, and have proof of, contact to at least one ham on each continent.
Wholesale Acquisition Cost. The price paid by a wholesaler for drugs purchased from the wholesaler's supplier, typically the manufacturer of the drug. On financial statements, the total of these amounts equals the wholesaler's cost of goods sold. Publicly disclosed or listed WAC amounts may not reflect all available discounts.
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wac is a console tool for slicing sound files. It randomly combines the slices produced into a new file, or creates one file per slice.
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Wide open throttle A/C switch
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Weapon aiming computer
Waste Acceptance Criteria. The requirements specifying the characteristics of waste and waste packaging acceptable to a disposal facility and the documents and processes the generator needs to certify that waste meets applicable requirements.
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WAC is controling bar at the top of screen.