Definitions for "Vulnerable"
Capable of being wounded; susceptible of wounds or external injuries; as, a vulnerable body.
Liable to injury; subject to be affected injuriously; assailable; as, a vulnerable reputation.
open to be wounded, hurt, or infected; with weakened protective capabilities
A species of special concern because of characteristics that make it particularly sensitive to human activities or natural events.
approaching greater than 70% loss (depletion), includes forest communities where threatening processes have caused loss or significant decline in species that play a major role within the ecosystem or significant alteration to ecosystem processes
In Australia: not presently Endangered but at risk of disappearing from the wild over a longer period (20 to 50 years) as a result of continued depletion
Vulnerable is the seventh album of Bristol, England rapper/producer Tricky, released in 2003. Tricky: "I called this album Vulnerable because it's my most honest and open record. On this album.
Vulnerable is a 1997 album of jazz-styled soul recorded by American soul singer Marvin Gaye, released on the Motown label. The album included songs Gaye revisited and re-recorded following a failed 1966 stint trying to come up with a ballad-styled album. The album was originally to have been released in 1978 under the title Ballads before the release of the autobiographical Here, My Dear album but was shelved for unknown reasons.
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The state of vulnerability where both bonuses and penalties are higher; in other words, more is at stake for a pair which is vulnerable. In rubber bridge a pair is vulnerable when they have won one game towards a rubber.
having scored one game.